Conventional strengthwork often places a premium on maximal strength (heavy, slow, unlimited amount of time) above all else. Most coaches train athletes so far down this pipeline that they wind up being specialists in powerlifting, even if the reality is that they should only be shoring up strength deficits to fashion more explosive and sport-specific types of strength. Our training system includes specialized strength machines that allow us to safely and properly train power with proper biomechanics. The end result is maximal results and longevity in the body.


biomechanical elegance

Fixed positions that more naturally mimic sporting positions and anatomical safety allow us to train movements with a higher degree of safety and effectiveness. By setting off the proper muscular firing patterns-as opposed to conventional methods-we can ensure maximal transfer of training with our strengthwork.

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speed of sport

Our machines allow us to train at the speed of sport. We can train at plyometric speed, downward, as well as surf the force/velocity curve to ensure that your strength work matches your correct need (e.g. starting strength, accelerating strength, speed strength, etc.)



In addition to rehab, our machines allow us to safely train to generate and absorb power through the kinetic chain. This means maximal results in your sport or overall fitness level.