Complete health, body, and mind reset. Rather than chasing around multiple practitioners (e.g. massage, movement therapy, sauna, etc.) this integrates them into one integrative reset session, spanning health, movement, mind, and body.

You only get one body-You don’t get to lease another one if you don’t treat this one right. Get it right the first time. If you’re looking for the best tune up for your body, this is for you.

The session can be tailored from the options below, depending on your needs/wants.

  • NeuFit Therapy Session

  • Nutrition Analysis & Full Recommendations based on your goal

  • Neurokinetic Therapy Body Work

  • Breath Assessment & Personalized Breath Fingerprint

  • Movement Screen w/Corrective Exercise

  • Structural/Postural Eval w/Corrective Exercise

  • Metabolic Lab Testing/Panel and/or Essential Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) Test

  • Omegawave Profile & Interpretation (inc. CNS, respiratory, recovery, energy systems, metabolic efficiency, waste elimination)

  • 4 Week Follow-Up Re-Integration Support Access

  • Nutritional Supplement Analysis, Recommendations w/EVOCHEM Nutrition Store VIP Membership


  • BrainTap Neurofeedback Session (Somnia)

  • Training Session

  • Complete 4-12 Week Re-Integration Training Program

  • Sleep Protocol

  • Stress Management and/or Mind/Body Interfacing via Appropriate Method (i.e. meditation, trauma exercise, etc.)

  • Skill/Lift Technique Analysis w/Motion Capture and/or Movement Metrics

  • Recipes

  • Sauna Therapy