halo sport training

top-down training effects

Quality training for true transfer into results should always start with the brain.  Our top-down philosophy-along with Halo Neuroscience-helps to biohack peak functionality, skill development, and performance in both athletes and urban athletes, alike.  


practice makes permanent

Halo stimulates the motor cortex to drive motor learning for faster, better results.  Athletic training encourages the brain to more easily reproduce strength and skill when required. This or any motor learning process is imperfect — athletes require literally thousands of reps to create the neurologic changes necessary to perform at the highest level come game time.


neuropriming: results. quicker.

Neuropriming technology puts the brain's motor cortex in a temporary state of hyper-learning that lasts for an hour.  During this time, feeding your brain quality athletic training repetitions results in this information being more fully downloaded into your brain-nervous system complex.

Essentially, Halo makes practice more productive for the brain.