Are You Interested In Working Together To Create a Personalized Health/Nutrition & Training Program For Yourself?

Includes Both Health/Nutrition + Strength & Conditioning.

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NUTRITION engineering

  • Complete Nutrition Program based around your individual needs/body/goals/schedule

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Lab Testing and/or Bloodwork Included

  • Initial Evaluation: Comprehensive analysis of available, relevant info, tests, goals, underlying health and performance issues, diet recall

  • Adjustments included as needed

  • Progressive Check-In Consults

  • All-access Q & A, Support

  • Tools: assistant documents, grocery guide & any relevant rubrics or guidelines

  • Progress Checks: Relevant markers, including physique, biomarkers, body fat, etc.

  • Supplement guide w/permanent nutritional supplement dispensary membership discounts.

  • Education: Learn about your own health and body to create long-term adaptation and sustainability.



  • Introductory Consult and Eval (remote option available)

  • Individualized strength & conditioning and physical preparation program

  • Progressive Check-In Consults

  • Lifestyle X Performance Optimization Coaching

  • Relevant Data/Progress Monitoring

  • All-Access Q&A, Support

standout performance

the process

Restore vitality, optimize health, achieve peak performance, and remodel your physique with personalized health & nutrition programs and consultations.

Results and Education: We not only provide you with the blueprint for your body, but also mentor and educate so that you can graduate, long-term.

All programs and recommendations are based on your unique goals, body, health status, and relevant data-not diet templates and cookie cutter programs.  Together we take a physiology-to-performance model to create a targeted outcome in your physique and/or performance. This means taking an analysis-recommendations approach from your cells to the court/gym/result.

We believe everything is related.  Whereas other trainers and practitioners only circumvent cookie cutter, basic nutrition and training templates, our programming takes a systems biology approach and attempts to intervene in relevant terrains, including nutrition, sleep, training, hormones, the nervous system, stress/biopsychosocial management and beyond.  This allows us to net the biggest gains for you.

Imagine creating optimal health, a lasting physique, and/or personalizing your nutrition to directly provide a biological foundation for your training to take effect.

Personalized online coaching and self-guided training programs are available to guide you to optimal fitness or peak athletic performance.  Also a viable option for locals whom want a monthly eval/session with a cost-efficient customized program to follow in-between.