OMEGAWAVE team system

omegawave athlete monitoring

adapt and evolve

In order to get results, adaptation is key. In order to adapt to your workouts instead of just engaging in suffering sessions, key systems in the body have to be working properly and in sync.

A dashboard for your current functional state, as well as progressive adaptations over time. This helps us identify physiological limiters to your health and performance, individualize training plans, and validate that our program is right for you.

The autonomic and central nervous systems govern biological adaptation to activity. They regulate the transportation of oxygen and substrate to the working muscle, mobilize energy resources, program hormonal expression, clear the bi-products of oxidation and control conditions for anabolic processes in muscle tissues. Therefore, an evaluation of adaptation processes requires the examination of the following areas.

With Omegawave, we are getting medical-grade readings on:

  • Central Nervous System Status

  • Autonomic Nervous System Status

  • HPA Axis Regulation

  • Neuromuscular Potential

  • Energy Metabolism

  • Cardiac System

  • Detoxification System (Excretory) Regulation

  • Gas Exchange Respiratory Regulation

Omegawave summarizes your current state and provides us with key ‘check engine lights’, focusing on Central Nervous, Cardiac, Metabolic, Hormonal, and Detoxification Systems. This starts the conversation to help identify any limiters to health and performance-diet, sleep, stress, poor training decisions, lack of recovery, and more.

We use Omegawave as part of our assessment process to identify limiters to make precise, data-driven decisions with athletes’ health and training programming. This allows us to understand how much stress and what types of stimulus to engage you with in order to insure adaptation.

Over time, we are looking at how you adapt to our nutrition, training, and health decisions in order to see where we may need to adjust, course correct, or validate our programming decisions.

Simply put, Omegawave allows us to measure you as the complete system you are, and ensure that our long-term plan together leads to success.