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PERFORMANCE REHAB & reconditioning

Sports rehab and performance therapy services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation models and strength & conditioning.  You’re never exclusively doing rehab/injury prevention or performance-you’re always doing both. Our incubation process properly re-integrates you, restoring structural, nervous system, and energetic function

The unique athletic evaluation process draws from classical and contemporary biomechanics models, functional movement spheres, esoteric anatomy, Speed of Sport, Marv Marinovich, and Eastern Bloc philosophies. This system is synergistically supported by sports technology to identify the origin stories of the mechanical pathologies and performance issues.  This enables us to prevent issues before they occur or to rehab in record time. 

Featured sports tech inclusions span the NeuFit System, motion capture, muscle emg, muscle energy availability (MOXY), and more to assist in soft tissue healing, muscle activation, and neurological reprogramming. By driving neuromuscular re-integration, we can also mitigate performance loss during rehab process. This is accomplished via stimulation of target muscle fibers and movement patterns via direct current-unique wave forms that mimic your brain and nervous systems’ own internal signals.  Proprietary isokinetic and biomechanically-elegant strength equipment allows us to train/rehab the kinetic chain in natural, sports-relevant positions of force absorption/generation to optimize performance, as well as rehab/prevention. Force plate testing, velocity profiling and motion capture can be recruited to personalize the process via precision identification of mechanical pathologies, performance issues, velocity leaks, and structural imbalances. Outside complimentary outside referrals are made when necessary. 

Focused nutrition strategies are also given to provide the biological backdrop for healing/injury prevention-and performance-to be accelerated by mitigation of chronic inflammation.

This holistic system of addressing the origin, performance restoration, body consciousness and applied science is unique to REWIRE.