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We believe the body keeps the score-We acknowledge the biopsychosocial components of health and human performance in our work. Stress, mental status, trauma, and emotions sync to your physiology in a feedback loop. When needed, we integrate stress management and mental performance, including meditation, neurofeedback, breathwork, nutritional changes, plant medicine integration, and various somatic processing exercises.



Stress, emotions, trauma, and thoughts have measurable impact on health and performance. Our work acknowledges and integrates this. We assess various contributing inputs in order to identify any factors limiting health, performance, and quality of life.

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Our swiss army knife of interventions includes neurofeedback, nutritional adjustments, meditation, breathwork, nervous system somatic processing, and beyond to engineer optimal health, performance, and quality of life.



Various neurological ‘glitches’ can affect parts of the lower nervous system that can not only place limiting governors on health and performance, but also fear and behavior. These stored neurological ghosts in the machine can impact your life in many ways. These can manifest as embedded behavioral patterns, which see your nervous system ‘light up’ and transmit feelings of fear and failure in the face of opportunity, taking the big shot, and overall self development. The exciting news is that your window of neuroplasticity never closes-We can RE-TUNE. RE-WIRE. RE-MIND.