individualized semi-private training

matt cooper training

The results and personalization of one-on-one training with community of group training - at a cost-efficient rate.

This program is a small group, semi-private training experience.  Shatter your goals and drive your health, fitness, and performance.  Gain access to everything our space age gym and training systems have to offer at minimal cost.

Semi-Private Human Performance Training Includes:


  • Individualized fitness/performance program w/corrective exercise.

  • Open Drop-In Windows: Memberships include 1x/week and 2x/week. Programming will be set for days of training on your own.

  • Semi-Private, Supervised Coaching.

  • All-Access To Our Private Human Optimization Gym.

  • Fundamental BioSync Health & Nutrition Program

  • Health & Performance Nutrition Recipes

  • Personalized Supplement Recommendations-Inc. VIP Membership & discounts to our private Nutrition Dispensary

  • Breathwork Exercises

  • Stress Management, Mental Performance & Mind/Body Interfacing Guidance if necessary

  • Access to ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise Machines

  • Access To Our Suite Of Wellness & Performance Amenities: Sauna Therapy, Neurofeedback, Soft Tissue Massage Devices, CBD Treatment, Nervous System Training Equipment, & More.

  • Fatigue Index Monitoring

  • Sleep Hygiene Guidance

  • Personalized Lab Testing & Analysis (Baseline Lab Panel fee included w/1st month).

  • Community Involvement & Facebook Group

  • 3 Month Commitment