fast twitch Training system


structure > function > performance

The Fast Twitch Training Systems have been developed from the wisdom and philosophies of long lost translated soviet strength & conditioning research, folding in the philosophies of Nick Curson (Speed of Sport), Marv & Gary Marinovich, and many other giants.  The training system is the resultant vision of ongoing research and pursuits in athletic excellence.  The Program identifies individual & synergistic qualities that constitute excellence in performance, remediates the athlete’s deficiencies and imbalances, and challenges the body to excel through a stimulating, multi-modal approach.

Our training is built upon a structure-function-performance model that begins with structure, posture, and integrated movement foundations from which performance is built upon. Our training also emphasizes the brain’s role in training-Specifically the dialogue between nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  Moreover, instead of chalking elite athletic performance or fitness up to genetics, we believe we can reverse-engineer athleticism with our unique, holistic approach to training and health.

We treat athleticism as a series of trainable qualities to engineer elite performance, from cells to the court.  We also support our methods by allowing the athlete’s unique physiology and story to guide our programming-relevant health, nutrition, and biosyncing protocols are incorporated to provide the biological foundation to best-enable elite performance.

The goal of the training is to raise the athlete's physical IQ by developing sports specific strength, speed, balance, and technical mastery via precision of movement, intensification of key biomechanical actions and the refinement of the body's kinesthetic sensory system.

The resultant training effect transforms the body with superior nervous system function.  This is the key component that architects dramatic improvement in one's athletic ceiling-including speed, power, balance, quickness, sports-specific skill and overall athleticism.

The System's ongoing research and development has produced results in a variety of both developing and professional athletes spanning both team and individual sports.

For further elucidations of our training concepts, please see the education sections.