Rewire is a research & design consultancy for optimal health & human performance. We are the space-age gym & performance consulting service of the future, complete with individualized, data-driven solutions to take you where you want to go.

We lead the health and performance wave by training and reprogramming the physical body and all of its functional systems (metabolism, nervous systems, immune systems, etc.) with a personalized, inside-out approach. Our cells to performance model folds in cellular nutrition, progressive strength & conditioning, research-grade customized assessments, cutting-edge biotechnology, functional mind-body interfacing, environment, and more.

This empowers us to prescribe fully-customized integrative health & training programs or services that address functional deficiencies and performance issues in professional athletes, developing athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday individuals.

The benefit for you is an end-to-end understanding & result in the form of a program, based on your individualized needs, goals, and accommodations.

We do not claim to “biohack” the human body, but combine an in-depth understanding of bioregulatory medicine, biomechanics, athletic performance, and biopsychosocial sciences which we translate into potent programs that address origins, not symptoms.

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athlete engineering i athlete r&d i off-season development

We offer both online and in-person services & programs for athletes at the professional and developing levels. This includes online programming, customized assessments in our sports lab w/follow-up programming, or in-person training. Our assessments & programs fold in athlete physiology, nervous system function, environment, biomechanics, positional needs, metabolic performance, nutritional deficiencies, stress management & mind-body interfacing, recovery, and more from a bioregulatory medicine perspective. We combine cutting-edge sport science with holistic health to engineer elite performance from a cells-to-performance model.

Our Fast Twitch training system folds in structure, function, and energy dynamics with progressive nervous system rewiring & development that dramatically improves your athleticism.

We specialize in identifying performance limiters, leaving no potential area overlooked in raising your performance ceiling.


human engineering i health remodeling i integrative fitness

Functional Health, Nutrition, and Training for the Human Athlete. We provide online or in-person consults, programs, and services to provide the blueprint for your body. We can restore vitality, optimize health, and drive fitness outcomes in athletes of all levels.

Our unique integration of holistic health, integrative fitness, mind-body synchronization, and performance technology allows us to get to the root cause of your health & fitness deficits, be it metabolic, hormonal, structural, stress-related, etc. and give you the owner’s manual to your own unique body.

We provide integrative health & training programs, online consults, in-person sessions, as well as evaluations & accompanying programs to adapt to where you are and take you where you want to go.


mindfulness 2.0

Mind-Body Interfacing & Recovery as needed. Our approach takes conventionally esoteric sciences and eastern philosophies into the digital age by folding in progressive understanding, science, and technology. We translate research into pragmatic, actionable solutions so that our work where necessary addresses stress management, neurogenic traumas, allostatic overload, and various environmental miasms that may be limiting performance or driving faulty health outcomes.

Personalized meditation protocols, breathwork fingerprints, neurofeedback sessions, nutritional consultations, biofield tuning, and integrated nervous system recovery modalities are folded in as needed into athlete programs.


a la carte services

Only interested in a nutrition program? Training session? NeuFit Therapy? No problem. Although our approach is synergistic by nature, we are happy to customize a solution for you in the form of an individual program or service. Simply get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.