Your Nervous System: Software For Health & Performance

nervous system training

Your computer and phone are both hardware-each containing a software that tells them what to do and how to function. It is the software that enables the hardware to function at a high clip. You are no different. So why then do so many trainers place a premium on the hardware without focusing on the software? If it’s health, fitness, and performance you’re after, it’s time to rewire.

Neurological efficiency is the template for ALL Human Performance. Training your nervous system and taking care of it (diet, sleep, stress management, etc.) enables adaptation to elite performance, consistency in performance, injury resistance, elimination of compensation patterns and optimal living on the whole. Your nervous system is the critical performance enhancer, allowing you to take optimal advantage of every human performance enabler available.

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Your Nervous System controls

  • All Organ functions

  • All Energy Systems

  • Circulation

  • Hormonal Expression

  • Sleep Quality

  • Movement - inc. Force Production, Absorption

  • Mood & Personality Elements

  • Adaptability

  • Elements Of Who You Are & Behavior

  • & Beyond…

Neurological efficiency and quality allows for every individual functional system-and their co-play-to work appropriately, elegantly, & optimally. Much of Peak Human Performance is the product of appropriate preparation of the nervous system.

Elite Performance

Every human movement is an athletic movement. Whether you play sports, art, music, power lift, play with your kids, walk, jog, etc.-this necessitates a control envelope from your nervous system in order to synchronize, coordinate, stabilize, embed for learning, and create & absorb force. Training your nervous system also properly enables every unique biological system to work in the appropriate order and degree to support elite performance, recovery from elite performance, and repeatability of elite performance-Whatever that means to you at your unique level. The only way to maintain elite results is by appropriate support of the nervous system.

In our practice, this is achieved with a unique constellation of training, nutrition, recovery, sleep, stress management, and techno-biological solutions, ranging from neufit to neurofeedback, depending on needs and goals.

The bottom line is if health, fitness, and or performance are important to you, it’s time to turn your focus inward and rewire.

Matt Cooper