With your help...I am a champion.
— Sheymon M., UFC
The best in the business-Every basketball player, program, or any athlete on the planet needs to work with Matt
— Reuben W., CSU Fullerton; Guard Skillz Academy
In less than 3 months Matt Cooper has helped me drop 7% of body fat without having to starve myself or workout 7 days a week. I am healthier than ever and stronger than I was at my physical peak in college. He knows how the body works and is a expert dietitian. I see myself working with Matt for the long term. Thanks Matt!
— Trevor S., California

When I initially hired you, you said at the end, if it was a solid program I should be able to fire you! It wasn’t easy all of the time, but surprisingly one of the easier feeling programs I’ve done with so many more benefits than the numbers show. Thanks for dialing me in!
— Sven B., new york

Matt is fantastic. Matt also knows everything. He provides excellent advice and guidance and knows the latest literature, research and studies well. I can say with confidence that he’s actually better than my nutritionist at OneMedical.
— othman o., california

Matt’s knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition reaches all students here at DU. I am very impressed with his ability to adapt to the audience and their needs in order to give complete, accurate information to them.
— matt g., dominican university

We have seen tremendous benefits in our program since integrating Matt Cooper.
— Coach Mazi M., Marin Catholic High School

An expert in complete health, wellness, and performance.
— Ilan X., Black House MMA

There are so many good things I have to say about Matt Cooper, it’s difficult to know where to begin. To start with, regarding fitness and nutrition, he’s the consummate professional. Matt’s subject matter expertise is unparalleled and his enthusiasm is infectious. Working with Matt over the years, I’ve watched him help countless people achieve their fitness goals. While writing my book, Matt served as an invaluable advisor. Matt helped me explain the complex biology behind some valuable concepts in easily understood everyday language.
— J.D. G., Author, Writer, Athlete

I trust Coop to get myself and my team dialed in!
— Mikyo R., Marin MMA

It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’m following this new lifestyle. I’m happier, have more energy and get more accomplished. Time actually seems to go by slower. I want you to know I recognize and appreciate that you care about my journey. Everyone around me supports my pursuit of happiness, but not everyone takes what I’m doing seriously. It makes it a bit more of a struggle. I feel only you truly understand. This process is lifesaving, literally and figuratively.”
— Elizabeth W., California

Changing the game as we know it.
— Kona v., bellator mma

Matt Cooper has truly helped elevate our guys
— Chris F., Brawlers Wrestling Club