Matt Cooper


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Nutrition Coach (CFNC), Certified Sport Performance Specialist (Speed of Sport Affiliate), NeuFit L1 Electrotherapist, Applied Functional Science Practitioner; 3D Maps Biomechanics (Gray Institute), Postural Respiration (PRI), FlexDiet (Dr. Mike T Nelson; I.P. 2019), Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP; I.P. 2019), Conditioning Coach (MMACA)


Coop is a nutrition consultant, strength & conditioning coach, and sport scientist from California.  Driven by an obsession to expand human performance, Coop spends his time researching, experimenting, doing nerdy things, and building better humans in general at Stand Out Performance (Fast Twitch LA) in Compton, California.

Coop works with athletes and individuals-from developmental to professional levels-remotely and in-person to optimize their health, performance, and fitness. 

Coop translates research, experience, and human performance technology to design one stop shop services and programs that address relevant areas, including nutrition, health, training, sleep, mind/body integration, the nervous system, recovery, and beyond.

Coop's own personal journey began in athletics and fitness-until poor health and mental states befell him at an early age-this lead to him becoming his own practitioner and fuels his current work, marrying functional medicine and human performance to help others evolve into suprahumans.


-Certified Nutrition Consultant

-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

-NeuFit Electrotherapist

-Speed of Sport Affiliate; Certified Sport Performance Specialist

-Gray Institute Applied Functional Scientist; 3D Maps Biomechanics

-Director: Wellness I Performance I Sport Science; Fast Twitch LA/Standout Performance

-Director: Wellness I Performance I Sport Science; Black House MMA

-Consultant: The Third Wave Nonprofit for Psychedelic Literacy

-Over 1K Helped (pro/developing athletes, individuals, businesses, addiction/trauma)

-Co-Author, The Ketogenic Diet: A Metabolic Manifesto For Dieter & Practitioner

-Contributing Author, Get Fit, Lean & Keep Your Day Job & Features

-Writer on Health, Fitness & Performance

-Nutritional Supplement Industry Veteran (R&D to DTC levels)

-Corporate Wellness Initiatives





Nutrition & Metabolism:

Ancestral Eating, Performance Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting, Metabolic Flexibility, Biochemistry, Performance Nutrition, Ketogenic Dieting, Metabolic Therapies, Supplementation, Circadian Balance, Energy System Development, Autoimmune, Neurogenesis, Muscle Fiber Nutrition, Neurophysiologic Tuning

Health, Bioplasticity & Systems Biology:

Cold Therapies, Biophotonics, Psychedelic Literacy & Integration, Trauma Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness & Meditation Programming, Coded Language, Nootropics, Nervous System Restoration, Detoxification & Elimination, Hormone Systems Restoration & Optimization, Mitochondrial Restoration, Cell Voltage, Sensory Deprivation, Circadian Biology, Transgenerational Emotional Trauma, Mind/Body Integrations, Genomics, Peptides, Bioenergetics

Strength & Conditioning/Applied Sport Science:

Speed of Sport/Nick Curson/Marinovich Training System Principles & Methods, Soviet Strength & Conditioning Philosophy & Techniques, Movement Therapy, Neuromuscular Activation Techniques, Sports Rehab, Energy System Development, Direct Current Electrical Stimulation, Biomechanics, Physique Remodeling, Injury Prevention, Sport Science, Motion Capture, Neurological Deficit Testing, Performance Analytics, Transcranial Direct Stimulation, Transfer of Training, Athlete Monitoring, Psychedelics as PES, Muscle Fiber Development



synergistic strength & recovery